How do we touch a guy to turn him On!

The way to a man's heart isn't through his stomach—or even his pants. It's through his skin. Once you learn the art of erotic touch (don't worry, it's not rocket science), you'll not only give him the time of his life in bed, you'll also feel closer to him than you have in, oh, years.

Our entire erotic massage ritual takes 30 minutes, but in this relatively short time you'll manage to hit all the erogenous zones you know about—and dozens you don't. You'll need some oil and a warm room, and it may feel sexy to ask questions as you go ("How does this feel?" "Do you like that?")—though silence can be just as steamy.

Amazingly, some men may balk at the idea of receiving an erotic massage. If your husband is reluctant to being rubbed and cherished for a half hour, simply say, "Try this for me. No strings attached. If you hate it after five minutes, we'll stop." Men, strangely, often need to be pulled to heaven, kicking and screaming the whole way. But if he's a willing participant, get him to do a few minutes of simple stretching beforehand. Have him prepare his body the same way he'd get ready for a run: a few lunges to loosen the legs, a few arm twirls for the arms and back. His circulation will improve, and his muscle tension will ease up.

Confessions of a Sensual Muse


We all have stress in our lives. Some more than others. When this client walked into the room, I saw what true stress is.

“At the suggestion of some friends, I decided to try your services,” he said. “I’m a recently divorced single parent. I don’t drink or smoke or cuss, and I work 60-80 hours a week, “he continued. “I don’t have time to exercise or eat right, so I’m sorry I’m a bit overweight.” My eyes opened wide as I thought what a difficult session this was going to be. Trying to get someone wound up tighter than a socialite in an herbal wrap to relax on any level was going to be rough. I could picture him having a heart attack on the bed.

I tried to ease the tension that automatically followed him into the room and was filling it up so fast that even I was getting tense by making small talk. I had him take off his clothes as I undressed thinking it was so odd that he was so repressed and yet willing to try something slightly illegal to find relief from his own moral enslavement.

The minute my hands touched his body, I physically sensed the stress. Every muscle seemed contracted and almost to the point of fatigue, like when you’re lifting and you’re on the last rep of the last set. After 30 minutes, he seemed to be relaxing a bit. However he seemed overly concerned about reassuring me that he was a decent fellow. I was starting to fatigue in a grand effort to get him to relax, giving deep massage, acting my most sensual, and spending extra time on acupressure relaxation points. I wasn’t all that surprised that he was tentative to touch me and even closed his eyes most of the time.

Toward the end of the session, I was worried that either this guy was not going to get anywhere near a “happy ending”, or it was gonna be like old faithful erupting. I tried every trick in the book to get him to come. He was shaking and writhing on the table. I was sure he was about to blow. By this time I was exhausted myself and ready to quit, but he seemed just on the verge of coming, so I continued a bit past the hour. No luck. I gave in and apologized. 15 minutes after the hour session had ended I couldn’t go on any longer. It felt like I had relieved some of his stress, but there was no way that this guy was gonna reach orgasm. I concluded he needed professional help. Nobody can get that close and just not let it out! Except this guy of course.

I felt sorry for the guy as he thanked me and told me he felt better. He was a nervous breakdown waiting to happen, but I had done what I could. Sometimes, as hard as you try, you just can’t help people until they help themselves.

Sensual Massage Encounter

Sometimes Its all good to experience this kind of service to balance our self and free from stress and  have a total release from all the hard work and tiredness that we feel on our regular basis at work. We have lots of Clients that needs this especially those expats visiting the country to have a taste of asian sensual touches that we are offering. We have regular cliente that are coming back to have this kind of service at the comfort of their place. Whether you are a visitor or simply local of the philippines you are free to experience this sensual touches that our company offers. All of our therapist are extremely trained for this kind of practice they all know the parts and points of the clients body on where to be sensualized, along with the sensual massage sensual touches comes with somebody who is attractive enough to do the action and we a team for that. I will discuss more on my next blog. Thank you for reading and Hoping to pleased your body with our sensual touches soon. 💋💋💋


What is Sensual Massage?

This is a question I often get asked. Other questions I get are “is it like tantric massage” ?, “is it erotic” ? “is it sexual” ? “is it a proper massage”?

The answer is yes and sometimes. A sensual massage, like a tantric massage, is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy and involves intentional arousal of the body. They are both a physical and emotional experience. However, whereas the tantric massage can include certain ceremony and ritual, such as chanting and deep breathing exercises and also is often given as a spiritual healing, the sensual massage concentrates more on giving the actual massage with arousal of the whole body, often to orgasm.

In a tantric massage the ethos is to not take the receiver to full orgasm but to near orgasm; the masseur is usually partially or fully clothed and the massage doesn’t become mutually intimate. In a sensual massage the masseurs are usually naked when giving the massage and mostly allow reciprocal body to body touch to a lesser or greater degree and orgasm (often multiple orgasm in the case of female receivers) is included should the receiver want this.

That said, all sensual masseurs will have their personal interpretation of what a sensual massage should include. For me, it should be founded upon a high quality therapeutic massage that can be given firmly to work the muscles or gently to promote relaxation or a combination of both. It should be intentionally arousing and include light touch with fingers and nails all over the body including the hands feet and head as well as the genitals and bum. A good sensual masseur should be able to build the arousal slowly throughout the whole treatment, to seduce the body and thus to cause the receiver’s mind to relax and focus solely on the touch. It should be an experience that is exciting and stimulating: two human beings sharing a dance of erotic intimacy, the extent of which is left to the chemistry and energy of the moment.


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